Our Services

Appointments for our services are scheduled with regard to the urgency as determined by the referring doctor and patient. We endeavour to minimise the disruption to patients’ schedules, by co-ordinating appointments for the same day, if possible. Ambulatory cardiac services are provided from our private consulting rooms.

 Cardiologist Geelong - Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care can be arranged by contacting our Consulting Rooms during normal business hours.

A suitable hospital bed will be organised by one of our staff. Referring doctors may also directly contact Stephan or Challon on their mobile phones, when the Consulting Rooms are closed. Patients may also be directed to the Emergency Department at St John of God Hospital. Patients or their referring doctor may request either Stephan or Challon to be involved with their subsequent cardiac care.

Cardiac monitoring requirements

Patients requiring cardiac monitoring can be admitted directly to a monitored bed at St John of God Hospital, Cardiac Care Unit. This enables immediate 24 hour medical and nursing care for patients in a critical condition and provides rapid treatment of patients with acute coronary syndrome (heart attack and unstable angina), cardiac arrhythmia, or heart failure.

Patients suffering from a heart attack may benefit with urgent Coronary Angioplasty and Stenting. St John of God Hospital provides a Cardiac Catheter Lab service for this purpose.