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Appointments for our services are scheduled with regard to the urgency as determined by the referring doctor and patient. We endeavour to minimise the disruption to patients’ schedules, by co-ordinating appointments for the same day, if possible. Ambulatory cardiac services are provided from our private consulting rooms.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

ECG (Electrocardiogram) is a graphic representation of the electrical activity of the heart.

This is performed for a variety of reasons, especially to provide some clues as to whether you might have a cardiac problem. An ECG might be performed if you have symptoms that your doctor thinks could be heart related, such as chest pain/discomfort, dizziness, black outs, shortness of breath, or lack of exercise capacity. Often, an ECG will be performed before you undergo any major surgery.

The procedure

ECG is performed within our Consulting Rooms and no preparation is required. You will be required to lie on an examination couch and our cardiac technician will then place self-adhesive electrodes across your chest and on your arms and legs. The electrodes are connected to a computer that records your heart's electrical activity at rest.

The test is painless and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. The ECG is reported by one of our cardiologist and then sent to your doctor.